GIM's Story - Kerry Kaspi


Back in 1985 my parents, Adrian & Jan Summers, holidayed in sunny Queensland when they spotted an embroidery machine for sale. Always being in business they had an eye for new opportunities and this time was no exception. They ended up coming home with the single head embroidery machine.
Setting up a store in the newly opened Market Square with the single header, it was the first to be seen in the region.
People would stand at the window to watch it sew out various designs and names all day long. They just loved watching this machine works its magic all the way to the finished product. 

Fast forward 10 years and we have large quantities of work from some of Australia’s largest workwear companies such as Can’t Tear ‘em and Hard Yakka. From the one single-head machine we worked our way up to five eight-head machines with 22 staff and worked like this for another 15 years. During this time I acquired the business from my parents. The machines back then were nowhere near as advanced as today, over the years we had to move with the ever-expanding technology available in this business and were always learning new things.

As the large workwear companies moved overseas to a more cost-efficient country to operate in, we lost 85% of our income and had to scale down immensely leaving us to struggle to keep busy.
After working hard on improving our marketing and hiring reps to go out on the road to bring in business from all over we slowly began to build the company to what it is today. By showing customers how important experience is in this business we were able to bring in new customers from various walks of life who could see the effect of operating for so long has on the final product.

In the last 10 years both my children have started working here with my youngest, Julian, expressing great interest in learning the ropes. During this short time, he has added great value to the business showing what fresh eyes can do to change things for the better. Now we are on a steady path to growing bigger and expanding our team constantly. 

The road in business has been both challenging and exciting, i’ve been surprised by people and proud of people.
But one of the things I’ve been most proud of is accepting all the challenges that has been thrown at us, never giving up, knowing who and what we’ve become and being strong in the belief that we can get through challenging times.
But in the end nothing would make me prouder than to continue this business to the 4th or 5th generation.

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