Thank You!



Thanks Kerry - you're just reminding me why we send our business to you...!

Kind Regards

Mark Johnson
Managing Director


Specialized Apparel


Hi Kerry,

A big thank you to you and the team for the items you recently produced
for us.  They were very well received last night when revealed at band practice


Geelong Highland Pipe Band.




I just want to thank you again, the cap has exceeded my expectations.
I will recommend you to anyone who needs embroidery or any other printing.
Thank you again for your prompt service.

Kind regards,


Geelong City Motors



Hi Kerry,

Thank you so much for the shirts, they look sensational and the sizes are great.
Thank you very much for the extra shirt as well, we have decided to give it to our
teacher when we start competing. We will definitely pass on the business cards to
people interested. GIM has definitely done an exceptional job on the designs. 
Over all we are incredibly happy :)  


Kardinia College



Hello Kerry,

This is just a thank you email for your fast work for us on Friday. I thank you very
much for getting the shirts done and sent back. Was very much appreciated.
We were able to despatch that job on Friday afternoon and keep our customer very happy.

Kind Regards,

Warehouse Supervisor




Thanks very much Kerry - you're a lifesaver! We even stitched them on the shirts!

Kind Regards,

Mark Johnson




Thanks for your great service as always, I am very popular with the Committee for finding you guys!

Cloc Musical Theatre



Oh my goodness Kerry, that is so quick!! Thank you so much!!
It's only a dozen or so netballers who train tonight
Thanks again. You have been fantastic with all of this. 

Ailie Cuthbertson
PE & Sport Department 



Hi Kerry

They look fantastic and my manager is really pleased.
Thank you so much for all of your help. 

Amanda P
Administration Assistant



Kerry and the GIM Team,

I’ve been away from my emails for a few days but did receive the T-Shirts
and was really happy with the results.
I was impressed with the quality of the product and the operations of the
team involved in delivering the order in such a short turn around.
Thank you once again for a quality product and great customer service.

Best regards,
Lené Snow
Business Coordinator  |   Qantas Engineering




Hi Kerry,

Just passing on Thanks from our client for having this done so quick!

Kind Regards,

Nicole Nolan
Customer Service Officer - Embroidery




Hi Kerry,

I just have to let you know the Tees have come and the customer loves your work.
Well done look forward to a long business partnership.

Kind Regards

William Zarafa
National Operations Manager



Hi Kerri, Thanks so much for invoice. Absolutely awsome deal!! Thank you so much, Anthea

You are a legend! Thank you so much

Samantha Romano
Administration, City Services




Thanks so much for being so fast and bring the city of Whittlesea back perfectly in order!!

Thanks again!!!!

Browns Menswear





Thank you!

Jeremy has just shown me the shirts and we couldn't be more pleased with the results!

Kind Regards,

Skythrills Aviation





Thanks so much you are a legend !!!

Dush Velcek
Office Manager
John Holland Group Pty Ltd
John Holland Aviation Services





Thanks Kerry - you're just reminding me why we send our business to you...!

Kind Regards,

Mark Johnson
Managing Director
Specialized Apparel





Hi Kerry,

I would really like to say thank you for all that you have done for me while I have been in
This position, the work that you do is great and the priorities that you do for me are fantastic.
It has been great working and dealing with you I’m sure I will talk to you in the future.


Prue-Ellen Lunghusen
Customer Service/Embroidery





Hello again Kerry, again I say it was lovely to actually meet you in person
rather than just pinging emails backward and forward.
I also have to say I was very impressed with your approach to my
request and customer service, excellent stuff…

Shihan Ritchie Saunders, 5th Dan



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